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Lori Oman

Duchesne School District
Principal--Altamont Elementary
Altamont, UT
Twenty three years ago, I started my career in education. I taught biology and chemistry for twenty of those years and then began my administrative adventure. During those twenty years of teaching, I had six different Principals as my boss. Each administrator brought a new style and way that he/she evaluated me. Some rarely, if ever, came to my room, while others came often. I believe that the Professional Education Evaluation Requirements, PEER, that the state has implemented, not only holds teachers accountable for their teaching practices, but also holds administrators to a higher accountability to be in classrooms becoming experts of their teacher's practices. The objective of this presentation is to help administrators with ways to use data to rank their teachers, teachers with ways to make sure their evaluations run smoothly, and mentors/coaches help the teachers they are mentoring. I hope to see you there!